Executive Committee

The Executive Committee supervises and controls the affairs of the Section, subject to the Section’s Bylaws and the supervision of the Oregon State Bar. The Executive Committee meets monthly to discuss section affairs. At the annual business meeting, held in October, the Section membership elects Section officers and Executive Committee members for the following calendar year. Members generally serve two-year terms.

If you are interested in serving on the Executive Committee, contact an Executive Committee member.

Executive Committee Members

The current membership of the Executive Committee is:

Hoesly, Cody     Chairperson
Donegan, Bridget M    Chair-Elect
Mr. Hunt, Jarell     Past Chair
Mr. Rake, John Cathcart    Treasurer
Mr. Hebenstreit, Justin E    Secretary
Mr. Berne, Cody     Member
Mr. Salzhauer, Perry N    Member
Mr. Goldberg, Jacob C    Member
Mr. Ambers, Jason Edward    Member
Mr. Davis, Bryson E    Member
Ms. Hartwell, Shannon     Member
Ms. Morgan, Jessica A    Member
Mr. Gallegos, Stanton R    Member
Mr. Van Rysselberghe, Alex     Member
Mr. Oberholtzer, James     Member
Ms. Clarke, Candace     BOG Contact
Mulvihill, Kimberly     Bar Liaison
Ms. Winters, Lauren E    Member
Mr. Kilcup, James A    Member